About Me | Adelina Maria Pandia ~ Certified High Performance Coach
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My Journey to Certified High Performance Coaching


Starting with highschool I noticed how my coleagues would come to me to share their stories and sometimes ask for my advice or my perspective. I did not think much of it at the time, but it was the begining of my journey as a coach.

Interestingly enough, a few years later I discovered my passion for teaching, while working on my master’s degree in Spain.

Teaching opened up many opportunities for me to travel the world, see other places, other people and different ways of life. At times it was challenging, but I can see now how my awareness expanded with all sorts of posibilities and view points.

At some point, one of my mentors asked me if I would be interested in doing coaching. I confess I had no clue what that was :). But I began to look into it, and once I discovered this field I was hooked!

Coaching would allow me to take my passion for teaching to a whole new level.

I discovered the great teachers, like Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Don Miguel Ruiz and so many others and I absorbed their work.

The one that inspired me the most in my pursuit as a coach was (and still is) Brendon Burchard. I set as a goal for myself to get to be trained by him, beacause I consider him to be the best. And one of the lessons I’ve learned is: “if you want to be the best… get trained by the best”. It’s so much faster.

At the end of 2018 my dream of becoming a Certified High Performance Coach came true! This was a big breaktrough for me and an experience I will always be grateful for.

It now feels that all these years back were more like “preparation work” for the actual “start” of my journey :). And I am sure that more amazing experiences and insights will unfold.

At the moment I am just super excited to share what I’ve learned with those ready to step up into the highest expression of themselves. I am here to provide the tools, a map and be a guide for those who are ready to go!

Why work with a Coach and how is a Certified High Performance Coach different?

Very simply put when you work alone you can only get so far. What happens usually is that you reach a plateau and you stay there. A coach can help you and challenge you to get to next level! A Certified High Performance Coaching program is different from the usual life coaching program in the way it is structured and how it moves you forward even if you could not make any progress in the week before the session. This makes very session valuable, there is always a take away and you feel that you are making progress.

I invite you to watch Brendon Burchard from the High Performance Institute explain this very clearly in this video.